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The Eegee's Susan Stroller Photo Album
The Original Susan Strollers Straight Leg, Hard Plastic Face
The Original Susan Strollers Bent Knee, Hard Plastic Face
The Original Susan Strollers Straight Leg, Vinyl Face
The Original Susan Strollers Vinyl Face Dress Variations
Bent Knee Dress Variations
Susan, Suzie, and Suzette
I Told Them They ALL Get Pictures
Eegee Look-a-like, but Strange Tummy Grills
More Strange Grills
Now the BIG 30 Inch Girls, and Boy
And all the Lovies That Aren't Eegee
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This is the photo album of the Eegee Susan Strollers, made from 1955 to approximately 1957.  Shown here are the 22 inch dolls, and others will join in the photo shoot.

Hi, from Susan and Suzie.  I threw a fit when my sister named her doll the "same" as mine...but she said it wasn't the same, it was all my girls have a derivitive of the "same" name...Sarah Sue, Suzanne, Suzanna, etc...but they need name bracelets....



The collection started when my Grandma sent me my first doll, approximately when I was 8.  She never paid very much for a doll, since she was a single lady taking care of a large farm all by herself.   My doll, was the straight legged version, hard plastic head, with long brown braids, which is what my Mom put me in also.  So I guess we matched.

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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!